My name is Martine Mussies and my goal is to promote classical music in easy-to-grasp forms, supported by modern technology. To me, creating art & music is a way of celebrating life. On this blog, you’ll find more about me & the projects I’m working on. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here! 😀

The picture above was made by the very talented photographer Lizet Beek *thank you*. I know I do not look typically Dutch, but still I am. My roots have said to be Slavonic and Scandinavian, which probably explains some of my interest in the languages and cultures of those two area’s (I studied Russian in Amsterdam and St. Petersburg and also learned some Swedish and Czech at the universities of Stockholm and Prague).

I live in an old historic school, together with Timon, the sweetest cat in the world. (I know that there are many people around who claim their cat to be so, but believe me: my Timon is the one & only. Just kidding. 😉 ) Most of my days are filled with studying, music, writing , dancing and art.

I do not have a regular job, I earn my living by writing, playing in concerts and creating (mostly websites, at this moment). When I need to buy something, I create some extra work for myself, for example by organizing a children’s party or selling homebaked cakes. As a free-lancer, I am very happy to decide when and where to work myself, so that I can continue with my studies. And everyday, I work on Encore!Magazine, a multimedial journal for youngsters, about (classical) music and art. Of-course, there are always some moments when one wonders what life in the “outside/real/muggle world” would be like at different times. I have imagined myself being a shopgirl, a teacher, a full-time mother… but no, that is just not me. 😉

If you like, you can visit my English website @ www.madebymartine.com


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